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Terms of The Printer Works' Limited Warranty


This page contains a description of the process for ordering items from The Printer Works, and a link you can use to check the contents of your electronic "shopping cart" if you have an order currently underway.

You can return here by using the Ordering Information and Policies button in the colored button bars on every catalog page.

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Viewing Your Current Order


It's easy to check your current order. Any time you get a price quote, or any other time you see the blue shopping cart (or text link), you can use it to check the contents of your shopping cart. If you want to check it now, you can select the shopping cart button to the right or the text link below.

You can change the quantities or alter your electronic order in any way you wish right up to the time you complete checkout.

Check Shopping Cart


Shipping Destination

The Printer Works ships only within the United States. International orders may be accepted only if the customer can provide a valid United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express account number for the freight charges.

Processing Fee on Orders Under $25

The Printer Works now charges a $5 processing fee for orders of less than $25 in merchandise. We have been forced to implement this fee to at least partially offset what it costs us to enter, pick, pack, ship, track, invoice, collect, and post payments to your account. Our actual processing costs are well over $10 per order. To avoid incurring the $5 processing fee, please combine orders or add additional items to raise the merchandise total to more than $25. Thank you for your understanding!

The Ordering Process

As you view the catalogs found throughout our web site, you can learn the price of any item that interests you by clicking on its Part Number where provided. A Price Quote window will be returned. If compatible alternates are available, they will also be listed in this window. You will also reach this window when you initiate a search of our database.

After viewing prices of items selected by clicking on part numbers, you can add them to your order or return to browsing without ordering. The same thing applies when you locate a part using our search engine database: you can add the item to your shopping cart, do further searches, or decide to browse in the catalogs (you can reach the table of contents for each catalog or go to the Catalog Selection Page by using the buttons at the top of the search pages).

If you select "add" to start an order, the item will be placed in an electronic shopping cart for you and an order number assigned. You will see the results in a window called Your Current Order. Subsequent items ordered will be added to your cart. Each time you view the contents of your electronic cart, you will have an opportunity to change the order, check shipping costs, proceed to checkout, keep shopping, or delete the order. Only when you complete the Checkout is the order submitted to The Printer Works.

You can view the status of Your Current Order at any time as described above under Viewing Your Current Order.

The pages generated in the ordering process also allow you to enter the catalog pages or browse the TPW Home Page and check our featured offers whenever you want to. Just use the links provided on each page.

The Printer Works accepts all major credit cards, and our secure server allows you to use your credit card number for online ordering with confidence. Other payment options are also available following approval by our credit department. Please contact a sales representative if you wish to find out more about payment options and current stock availability.


Alternate equivalent items listed in the price checks and search results may include used or refurbished items, or third party clones of the original manufacturer's part. They may also include Advance Exchange services from The Printer Works for that part. Alternates usually have lower prices than the new original OEM part, and they have the same form, fit, and function as the original part.

Important Note on Prices and Availability

We update our database often, to reflect changes in current pricing and availability of items. Parts and printers may become unobtainable at times, permanently or temporarily. And at other times we may be busy refurbishing or making more stock of items that don't show up as available only because they are not actually on our warehouse shelves yet.

Such items may show up in the Prices & Alternates portion of the Search Results in the following ways:

Not Available for Ordering: The price is given as "Not Available" — This usually means we have no stock of the item and we are currently unable to get any. This may be because the item is obsolete or difficult to find. Sometimes we do chance upon a further supply of these items, however. If that happens, the item will be offered for sale again until sold out, and the price and quantity available will appear again as usual as long as we have stock to sell. We cannot accept backorders as long as the item is "Not Available," but we do often offer alternates (such as clones or refurbished items) that you can order.

Temporarily Out of Stock, Backorder Okay: A price is given, but the Quantity Available appears as "0" — This tells you that we have potential stock of the item and are confident we can supply it, but it is not yet out on our shelves ready to pack and ship. Certain popular items sell quickly, and although we are continually building more we are almost always kept busy filling the demand and not the shelves.

An example would be fusers. We rebuild hundreds of like-new fusers every week, but some of the more popular ones fly out the door as fast as we can make them. Another example might be some of our refurbished printers. We are continually refurbishing printers, and we may have just the one you want in stock even though it doesn't show up in the database because it is not yet ready to go. If you ordered such a printer today, however, we could often finish getting it ready and ship it out to you by tomorrow or the next day!

If you place an order for such an item, it will be backordered for you. Backorders are shipped in the order they are received. When you place a backorder, our sales department will contact you with a delivery date for your approval.

If you don't see a price for an item you want, or the Quantity Available appears as "0," please feel free to contact a Sales person by phone or e-mail if you have questions about ordering it.

TPW Advance Exchange Program

The Printer Works offers an Advance Exchange (Adv. Exch. or AEX) price on a number of the items listed in our catalogs (not every part offers an AEX version, because we cannot reuse or repair every type of core part). Here is what we mean by Advance Exchange:

Advance Exchange: We send you a working part as soon as you order it at the listed AEX rate. You will be expected to send us your defective assembly (core) within 30 days, using the packaging in which you received our assembly, in order to be charged the AEX rate. The AEX price is usually lower than a straight refurbished (-R) part price, and of course it is lower than the price for a new part. (For AEX on maintenance kits, see note below.)

Please write the order number clearly on the box when sending in cores. Please send them to the following address:

Core Return Department
39980 Eureka Drive
Attn: Order Number
Newark, CA 94560

RMA numbers are not issued for routine exchange orders. The order number is the only number needed for normal exchange orders. When all cores expected are received, the order will be closed without additional charges. RMA numbers are required when a credit is to be issued.

It is best to send us your core using the box in which you received ours. When you pack your core in the box, please also make use of the reusable foam rubber or other material in which we packed our assembly. Recycling this packaging not only minimizes contributions to the public landfills, it also provides protection from damage during shipping.

Please remember, we cannot accept assemblies that have been damaged by improper handling or poor packaging, are missing parts, or are beyond repair, and we reserve the right to refuse to exchange such items.

  • Circuit boards with burns, water damage, or cut or lifted traces are not acceptable;

  • If you want to exchange an item, please do not attempt to repair it. You must send it as is. All items are inspected for physical damage and to be certain they have been sent to us "as failed." Cores showing any sign of attempts at repair will not be accepted.

  • Assemblies with missing parts or combinations of the wrong parts are automatically rendered unacceptable for exchange.

  • Cores that have been damaged by improper handling, or during shipping as a result of poor packaging, will be rejected and returned to the customer with a core charge invoice. Please use our packaging to return your core—it is designed to protect the unit.

The remedies we can offer in the case an unacceptable exchange are the following:

  1. You send us a different core, one that is acceptable, to fulfill your side of the exchange; or
  2. We charge you for the missing parts; or
  3. We charge you the full core charge

    (See below for further details of our charging policies.)

Note regarding Advance Exchange on Maintenance Kits:
The only part of a maintenance kit that you have to return to receive the AEX price is the used fuser assembly from your printer. When you have installed the fuser you got from us, use our packaging to return your failed fuser.

TPW Advance Exchange Ordering & Payment Policies and Procedures:

  • Advance Exchange orders are initially charged at the Advance Exchange price only. We do not charge a core deposit, but instead list the core value on the original invoice as a "backordered" core charge. The core value is typically calculated from the difference between the Advance Exchange price and the full purchase price of a replacement for the assembly we sent you, plus an administrative processing fee.

  • Customers who do not have an Open Account with The Printer Works must be willing to provide us with assurance in the form of a credit card number, with authorization to bill the card for the core value in the event the core is not received within 30 days.

  • We give people 30 days to send in their cores. If no core is received after 30 days, we will assume the buyer has elected to keep the failed assembly, and a core charge invoice will be generated and sent. This second invoice converts the backordered core value into a current charge, which we will charge to your credit card. If we receive your core late, but within 90 days of the original invoice date, then seventy-five percent of this core charge will be reversed.

  • If you or your organization cannot give us a credit card number and you do not have an Open Account with The Printer Works, Advance Exchange orders can still be shipped if you or your organization can prepay the full Purchase price or pay it by C.O.D. In this case we will bill for the core value on the original invoice, and also indicate that this core charge will be refunded upon our receipt of the core.

TPW New Exchange

New Exchange means that you get a brand new assembly — not a rebuilt one — advanced to you in exchange for sending us your old one within 30 days.

The same core return and charging policies apply to the New Exchange items as for the Advance Exchange ones (see Advance Exchange explanation, above).

Please contact our Sales Department to find out more about New Exchange Maintenance Kits, New Exchange Fusers, and New Exchange Paper Path Assemblies for many popular HP LaserJet and Color LaserJet models.

Return Core Shipping Policy Change

NOTICE - Effective immediately: We apologize, but we will NO longer be providing the Federal Express prepaid labels with our exchange (AEX) product. Please return your cores to the following address within 30 days of the invoice date. Thank you for your business!

Core Return Department
39980 Eureka Drive
Attn: Order Number
Newark, CA 94560


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Terms of The Printer Works' Limited Warranty

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