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HP Color LaserJet 8500, HP Color LaserJet 8550


HP Color LaserJet 8500, HP Color LaserJet 8550
Parts Catalog
Applies to HP Color LaserJet 8500, 8500N, 8500DN, 8550, 8550N, 8550GN, 8550MFP


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   HP Color LaserJet 8500 and 8550 series provide an ideal solution for high-speed, high-standard departmental color printing. They produce up to 12-inch by 18.5-inch output, can print both sides in color, and will handle a wide range of media including plain bond, glossy paper, and 80-pound card stock. With 32 MB standard installed memory (64 MB in the 8500DN & 8550DN) and blazing rated engine speeds of 6 ppm for 8.5 x 11 and A4 color and 24 ppm for 8.5 x 11 and A4 black and white documents, these color printers will let your network users reap the benefits of "mopying" (creating multiple original prints) instead of copying — resulting in multiple crisp new originals instead of copies duplicated on a copier! And in addition to everything else, they are designed to be easy to support and maintain!

   The HP ColorLaserJet 8550 MFP (Multi-Function-Printer) model is Hewlett-Packard’s top-of-the-line color laser printer / color copier combination. The MFP model sits in a special stand with a high quality digital color copy module suspended over the printer output bin. The 8550MFP comes fully loaded from the factory with 64MB RAM for image processing, 3.2GB HDD for font storage and spooling print and copy jobs, fast ethernet 10/100 Base-TX JetDirect card for connection to the network, duplex mechanism installed for automatic two-sided printing, and two 500 sheet paper input trays which are fully adjustable for letter, legal, tabloid, and executive size paper, and one manual feed tray for up to 100 sheets of any size paper up to 11x17 inches

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Diagram Description

LP HP 8500 and 8550 Series Printers
      Color LaserJet 8500 Series Data Sheet
      Color LaserJet 8550 Series Data Sheet
  Refurbished HP Printers

ACC Supplies and Accessories, Including Memory, Fuser Kits & Roller Kit
      Roller Kit for HP Color LaserJet 8500 / 8550 Series
      2000 Sheet Input Tray (Unit) Assembly
      3000 Sheet Stacker and Sheet Feeder
      Duplexer Assembly
      Color Copier Module for 8550MFP
      Rack/Stand for Color Copier Module for 8550MFP
      OEM Toner Cartridges: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow
      OEM Imaging Drum Kit
      OEM Transfer Kit

100 External Covers, Panels, Etc. (1 of 3)
101 External Covers, Panels, Etc. (2 of 3)
102 External Covers, Panels, Etc. (3 of 3)
103 Internal Cover Assembly
105 Internal Components (1 of 6)
106 Internal Components (2 of 6)
107 Internal Components (3 of 6)
108 Internal Components (4 of 6)
109 Internal Components (5 of 6)
110 Internal Components (6 of 6)
152 Formatter Assembly
250 Drum/Cartridge Drive Assembly
260 Delivery Drive Assembly
300 Cassette (Paper Tray 3) Assembly (Lower)
301 Cassette (Paper Tray 2) Assembly (Upper)
310 Paper Pick-Up Assembly
320 Registration Frame Assembly
325 Registration Roller Assembly
330 Feeder Assembly
340 Multi-Purpose Tray (1) Pick-Up Assembly
341 Multi-Purpose Tray (1) Assembly
350 Delivery Assembly
351 Delivery Cover (Frame) Assembly
360 Transfer Belt Assembly
810 Fuser (Fixing) Assembly
900 PCA Assembly Location Diagram

D10 Duplexer Assembly

M10 Multi-Bin Mailbox with Stapler Component
M90 Stapling Unit for Multi-Bin Mailbox

P10 3000 Sheet Paper Stacker/Stapler, Covers and Bins
P20 3000 Sheet Paper Stacker/Stapler, Internal Assemblies

S10 2000 Sheet Input Unit and Covers/Doors
S20 Internal Components (2000 Sheet Input Unit)

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